Since 1988 the project management team of Jalex Sdn
Bhd has delivered to countless satisfied customers a
diverse range of interior fit-outs and refurbishing works.
Using a well tested in-house standard operational system
which is accredited by RWTUV (Germany) for ISO 9001
compliance, we managed multi disciplinary trades like
ceiling, partition, flooring, joinery, loose furniture, glazing,
plumbing, mechanical and electrical works. Working as an
integrated team the various functional departments such
as Contracts, Project Administration, Site Supervision,
QA/QC, Procurement, have successfully managed, built
and completed medium to large projects for Hotels,
Offices, Restaurants, Department Stores and Boutiques.

Where technical design support and advisory services are
required, these are backed up by Eraganz Sdn Bhd which
also produces shop-drawings and as built drawings using

Jalex brings a unique corporate synergy to the interior
contracting industry by successfully integrating service and
manufacturing into one cohesive and economically
effective function. Our manufacturing interests include
wood, metal and stone, the three essential elements in all
interior projects.



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